Friday, February 5, 2010

Two Page Written RESEARCH PAPER on One Artist, due Thurs. Mar. 18:

Write a two-page double-spaced, detailed paper on a professional artist of your choice from one of the high-profile contemporary international galleries LISTED BELOW.

You must find an artist represented by one of these galleries that you are NOT familiar with. You must find an artist that has at least three reviews and one interview or feature article available online, all of which you must have read along with looking at every image possible of their work. From this research, write a thoughtful and insightful paper on how this artist thinks and works. Find an artist whose work either relates in some way to your own, or whose work you would like to influence your work. Discuss this connection in your paper.

If the paper is not well written you will receive an automatic F. (use the writing room) Remember, this is a research paper. Do the research, and make it thoughtful and insightful. Find an artist you will enjoy researching.

Gallery sites:

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